IEMTA Member Survey

In an effort to gain a greater understanding of the challenges facing NCHDs working in Emergency Medicine, IEMTA are launching the second iteration of our Member Survey.

This year we’ve expanded the survey to include CSTEM, ASTEM and Non-Scheme Trainees working in Emergency Medicine in Ireland. On average, it will will take approximately 10-12 minutes to complete.

Please complete this survey as honestly as possible. Your responses will help direct how IEMTA can best represent your views to the ICEMT, IAEM, Dept of Health and beyond as well as help shape EM Training in Ireland going forward.

Access the survey here:

Driving Change in the ED

IEMTA are delighted to announce our first Quality Improvement Webinar. It’ll take place on Friday 23rd October from 08:30-15:30.

This is a must for anyone planning a Quality Improvement Project!

Registration is available here

IEMTA Spring Meeting 2019

IEMTA are excited to announce the date of our upcoming and highly anticipated Spring Scientific Meeting. We have a fantastic panel on the day, to cover hot topics in Geriatric Emergency Medicine.

Theme? Geriatric Emergency Medicine + Mindfulness in Medicine
Where? RCSI
When? Saturday April 27th, 2019 10am to 4pm

To end the day, we will have a Mindfulness Workshop, for those who choose to participate.

With that, we are inviting everyone to submit abstracts for ORAL and POSTER presentations.

Please use the attached abstract form and submit to by Sunday, March 31st.

Looking forward to all the submissions! Any questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Wilderness Physician Course (WP)

By Dr. David Monks

Why did you do the course?
I have a keen interest in mountaineering and am currently a probationary member of Dublin-Wicklow Mountain rescue. I had also signed up with Earths Edge to be an expedition doctor climbing Kilimanjaro and so I wanted to do the course to get some experience at treating people outdoors on the hillside. Continue reading

Radiology-courses: A&E and the CXR Survival Courses

By Dr. Jimmy Lee

Why did you do the course?
Despite seeing thousands of XR scans at this point, I was still not where I wanted to be with my confidence in reporting scans, particularly chest x-rays. The A&E Radiology Survival Guide is a staple in every ED and these are the guys who wrote what is highly touted as the best ED radiology guide for EM trainees out there. Continue reading

Major Incident Medical Management & Support (MIMMS)

By Dr. Jimmy Lee

Why did you do the course?
Like many Irish EM trainees, I have a special interest in Pre-hospital EM and Disaster Medicine, though don’t get much opportunity to do it as a relatively junior trainee. This course gave me the opportunity to gain more knowledge and skills before I set off to do the real thing. Continue reading

Basic Assessment and Support in Intensive Care (BASIC)

By Dr. Kevin Brown (published online on 1st Jan 2016)

Why did you do the course?
During my time in Emergency Medicine I realised I wanted to know more about the intensive care management of the really sick patients who would soon get swooped away to intensive care after I had seen them in the ED. I particularly wanted to expand my knowledge on non-invasive ventilation and practice with ventilators, as you get fairly limited exposure to this in work. Continue reading

Pre-hospital Emergency Care (BASICS)

By Dr. Kevin Brown (published online on 1st Jan 2016)

Why did you do the course?
During my first year working in Emergency Medicine I stumbled across an EM conference with a heavy emphasis on pre-hospital care. I was inspired by the speakers and thought this really might be an area I would want to work in in the future. I really enjoy trauma management and this is about as real as it gets. Continue reading